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The exact causes of the defeat have not yet been established. If the joints crunch all over losartan online, the reasons may be as follows: Mineral (geobiochemical theory). In a detailed study of the pathology, scientists were able to determine that in endemic areas the mineral composition of water, soil and food consumed is slightly different - they contain a huge amount of manganese, phosphates and strontium, and calcite, on the contrary, is less than the established norm.

There is also a high risk of developing the disease in close relatives. Most likely, there is a certain genetic predisposition to the development of deforming osteoarthritis in a person, but it does not guarantee the development of the disease in a particular person, however, it significantly increases the risk of this in certain environmental conditions (for example, when living in an endemic area).

In addition, they contain an insufficient amount of selenium and iodine. Joints crunch all over the body due to the spread of the fungus F. Sporotichilla. According to the statements, the toxins of the described fungus deform the cells of the articular cartilage - chondrocytes, which leads to the formation of toxic cells of lipid peroxidation products. The third and final opinion is that Kashin-Beck disease is actually hereditary. Direct evidence of this has not yet been found, but there is information that children of adults with pathology suffer from the same disease several times more often than children of healthy people.

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All the factors described lead to the beginning of the spread of degenerative changes in tissues, joints and internal organs of a person.

In the bones of a sick person, there is an acute lack of calcium and an excessive amount of iron, manganese, zinc, and silver. The level of phosphorus is increased both in the blood serum and in the urine. Doctors say that a deficiency or excess of certain trace elements occurs due to a lack of calcium in certain areas of the bone, which provokes problems with collagen metabolism, impaired microcirculation, inhibition of regeneration and recovery, changes in osteogenesis and early formation of fixed joints on the human body.


What is the basis for the development of malaise?

The basis of cozaar is a generalized process of degeneration of all bones of the skeleton. Worst of all, such changes are perceived by the end sections - the epiphyses (heads) and metaphyses (necks) - short and long tubular bones, in which the growth center is localized - this leads to an increase in the length of the bone itself. Cartilaginous tissue in areas where the pathological process spreads, thickens significantly and begins to sclerosis, and then completely disappears.


The articular surfaces begin to be damaged - defects are formed on them, which differ in size and type. The articular cavities begin to change, change their shape to a bell or niche. Epiphyses wedged into niches and begin to actively develop, spreading to new areas.

Due to damage to the growth sections of generic cozaar pills, the growth of all bones slows down, especially the short tubular ones - the phalanges of the fingers. A person develops a pathology called short-fingeredness.




The articular surfaces no longer adjoin each other normally (there are problems with their congruence), the articular cartilage exfoliates over time, its structure is deformed and eventually collapses, which leads to the development of deforming arthrosis.


There are marginal and floating on the surface of losartan osteophytes. All the described changes can be explained by the displacement of the articular surfaces in relation to each other - the development of subluxations. The joints in which the pathological focus develops begin to be rapidly damaged, the patient loses the ability to perform a set of movements that was available earlier, he develops muscle contractures.



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The endplates of the vertebrae also suffer from the disease, intervertebral discs are embedded in their recesses, the height of which is less or more than normal. On the vertebrae, marginal bone growths - osteophytes begin to form.

Children aged 4 to 5 and 14 to 15 years old (during the period of active growth and development of bones) are more susceptible to the described disease. In younger children, there are no particularly striking signs of damage.It turns out that in people over 25 years old, the problem is detected only in isolated cases. The incidence rate does not depend on gender.



Exfoliation of dead cartilage.

What are the signs of the disease?


Symptoms of Kashin-Beck disease in childhood can be as follows: pain in the joints, adjacent muscles, spine (they are characterized by aching pain), increase in the evening and during sleep; characteristic stiffness of the joints in the morning, after waking up, and at a late stage and throughout the day; the presence of a crunch in the joints; numbness, crawling sensation in the muscles of the lower leg and fingers.


Endemic deforming osteoarthritis develops slowly, but steadily progresses, which at some point leads to the appearance of pronounced deformities of many joints.


Pathological processes originate in the area of ​​the interphalangeal joints of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers.

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